Secrets of Southern Girls Book Review

I don’t look happy in this pic – but I was happy doing this review of Secrets of Southern Girls!


Julie is content with her haphazard life of part-time jobs, acting auditions, and adoring her daughter. Until August shows up. Before she knows it, Julie is headed back with him to her small home town in Mississippi to find out the true of what happened the night she killed her best friend Reba – and got away with it. 

? This was both an intriguing and oddly sexed-up read to me. I liked the initial premise as I wanted to know what would drive someone to kill their friend and how Julie got away with it. But lots of things were going on this book so it felt a bit chaotic and various plot threads wove in and out at random: Coming of age. Racial aggression. Sexual experimentation. Friendship and trust. Family betrayal. 

In the end, this book felt like it could have used a few more rounds of developmental editing to me, but there were a couple characters that I enjoyed (like Toby and Nell.) And the idea was fairly original. I’m excited to see what Haley Harrigan has in store for us.

Want to know about Southern Girls? I go into a lot more depth in the video!

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