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In my debut YouTube video I introduce my channel, The Well-Fed Writer, and what content I will cover as well as who I am. All while not looking at the camera very much. #newbiemistakes

I love a good outline, so here are the questions I answer during the video (watch to find out my full answers!):

1: How did you find out about Authortube? Looking for writing craft videos on YouTube!

2: What genres do you write in? Right now, Southern Lit and Southern-focused free-verse poetry, but I’m a proud genre hopper.

3: What is your preferred writing tense, point of view, and category of story? Currently 3rd limited, but would love to try 3rd omniscient and 1st person present. I do not have a preferred category of story.

4: Are you a plotter, pantser, or plantser? Very happy plantster!

5: Are you a self-published, published, or yet-to-be published? Yet-to-be published and I haven’t made up my mind yet which way I want to go.

6: What publishing company, literary agent, and/or printing company are you represented by or use? If you’re not yet published, what is your dream publishing house and/or literary agent?

For The Gravedigger’s Guild, I’m thinking my a couple good matches for me for agents would be Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary, Amy Williams of the Williams Company, or Ellen Levine of Trident Media Group.

For Flooding The Delta, I’d love to work with Rob McQuilkin of Massie & McQuilkin and it would be an absolute dream to be published with Graywolf Press. I’m just super impressed by all the work they do.

7: What AuthorTube related videos can we expect to find on your channel? I’m definitely going to focus on ways to build up creativity and find sustainable sources of inspiration or “wells” of inspiration. That’s where the name of the channel came from. Also, my thoughts on all the different writing tools and apps I use, books reviews, and the occasional writing challenge. Beyond that, you tell me! What would you like to see?

8: When did you start writing? The earliest story of mine I’ve found was from when I was 4 or 5 and it was not good….

9: What was the first story you ever wrote? Ditto

10: What authors have inspired your writing the most?

Recent: Madeline Miller, Naomi Novik, Sarah Dessen, Erin Morgenstern. Overall: Tolkien, James Barrie, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte.

11: Do you schedule your writing sessions or simply get to writing whenever you can find the time? Schedul-ish. Right now, I have a daily weekday word count goal of 1k and and a weekend work count goal of 500. Once I accomplish that for the day, I can work on other things for my author business.

12: Do you type on a computer, typewriter, write everything out by hand, or use a blend of those? And where do you write in general? Blend- I prefer to brainstorm and take research notes on paper, but like to type out drafts of stories on my laptop to keep things organized.

13: What are you most looking forward to now that you’re a part of AuthorTube? Community by far and getting to know people and having fun creating videos that meet your needs. I love helping people so that’s going to be super rewarding for me I think.

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