What’s An ARC?

An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy of a book, usually in ebook format, that is sent to select readers who agree to post an honest review on or near that book’s release date. Readers trust other readers so getting early reviews matters. Being able to use early reviews for excerpts makes advertising and marketing authentically easier as well.

Reviews sell books, so having an amazing ARC Team makes all the difference!

How does your ARC Team work?

My ARC Team are enthusiastic readers who volunteer to read and review my upcoming releases- or ARCs. I’ve also chosen to have my ARC team function similarly to my Street Team for simplicity.

When I have an ARC, I send out an invitation to my team. Anyone who is available and excited for the upcoming book is welcome to receive a free copy. (I write in multiple genres so not all of my books will be a fit for all of my ARC Team members.) If you say yes!, I send you the book in exchange for an honest review in the week leading up to the release, including release day. You can post your honest, spoiler-free review to the platform of your choice: Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, Nook, and more.

If you decline, just wait until the next ARC! I usually publish multiple books a year, so there is always something coming up.

Becoming part of the ARC Team also means that you receive an invitation to a private Facebook Group for my Advanced Reader Book Club where I post sneak peeks, host giveaway opportunities and exclusive Live Book Club discussions. I also post suggestions for different ways to promote upcoming releases (all of these suggestions are completely voluntary) and announce rewards just because I think you’re awesome.

Can I Join Your ARC Team?

Yes! Applications are currently open. All you have to do is fill out the form linked below and wait for a response.

>>Please complete this form! I will get back to you within the week!<<

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! ARC Readers are essential to an indie author’s success, so I truly appreciate your support.