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Writing full time is the dream, right? When you’re a full-time writer, you can just block out all distractions and focus only on the words, the worlds you’re building out of nothing but paper and ink.

But nothing is that simple.

Now that I am home all day, I am having to learn new disciplines that I never imagined. It is exciting and it is a struggle.

My former boss would find this hilarious. At work, I was the queen of “no.” Drove him crazy.

Today, I find myself learning a new industry and with it, the seductive pull to build all the platforms and jump start making all the revenue whether or not I should be on that platform. Everyone is eager to tell you what you “must” do to be successful.

You must have a series of books. You must have a dozen reader magnets. You must have 1k followers/ subscribers/ conversions. And there MAY be a grain of truth somewhere in all the noise.

But I look at these entrepreneurs. These writers saying they are living their best life hacking the Amazon algorithm or cranking out 5 to 10 books a year. And I see the fatigue. The very thing I just stepped away from.

So I’ll take those tips and tricks, but I’m going to do this my way. And I’m not going to panic and hustle myself back into exhaustion. I say “no.”

QOTD: How are you working towards work/life balance as a writer? Whether you’re self-published or traditionally published, what does success mean to you as writer?

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