Valentine’s Gifts for Readers and Writers

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Valentine’s Day. A time for hearts and touching gifts. And sheer panic when you have no idea what to get the reader or writer in your life. Books? Pens? Journals?

But they already have so many of those. And you need not only a gift, but a thoughtful gift. One that shows how much you care about them.

Don’t worry. As an avid reader and writer myself, I’ll help you navigate this thorny thicket to find something your word-loving sweetie will truly enjoy.

For Readers:

With readers, you can really stretch your creativity for the gift you give. You can go with really cute all the way to really practical! And of course, with all of these, it’s all about delivery. Wrap your present in a word-patterned paper or use craft paper with a pretty bow.

When your reader’s love language is quality time spent together, grab a free Libib subscription – and help them catalog their personal collection!

A good supply of their favorite coffee or tea! I have a few local favorites that I stock up. Captain Gabriel’s from Cups an Espresso Cafe is one of my pantry staples for its rich, chocolaty flavor. As is Saints & Poets from Northshore Specialty Coffee, because of how smooth and luscious it is. Take a peek in your love’s cabinet and see what their favs are!

I’m also a HUGE fan of the International Tea & Coffee Company of Nashville– their Cocomint Green and Blackberry Sage blends are Ah-mazing. For years, I’ve been in love with the Spice & Tea Exchange. I love both their Peach Rooibois and their Beauty Rest blends— be sure to select the location nearest you when checking out to support a local store! And I have fallen in love with the Red Berries blend from Teasource for its sweet, tangy flavor.

And of course, your reader needs a cute, new mug to go with their beverage of choice!

Bring a little bit of the outside in for your garden-loving reader with this Floral Resin Bookmark.

If your reader has a candle obsession like I do, scope out their collection and pick a candle they’ll LOVE. I’m currently obsessed with the clean but woodsy scent of this Eucalyptus Sage Candle and stock up on them whenever I can.

Not so big into candles, but still love good smelling things? Check out this gorgeous Onyx Essential Oil Diffuser.

If your reader loves going back to their favorite passages, stock them up with these cool Post It Flag Pens. Or, if they don’t like marking up books, try these old-school Book Darts for a fun way to save their favorite quotes.

Does your reader like showing off? Help them make a statement with this Books Are My Love Language Sweatshirt.

Want to get your reader something to stretch their brain in between books? An NYT Crossword subscription is the way to go! Not only is it a fun brain teaser but it also comes with five other popular games to entertain your reader.

Here’s your next buddy read! If you want to dive into a book and deepen your relationship with your reader this Valentine’s Day, check out Share Your Stuff, I’ll Go First by Laura Tremaine.

I’m a sucker for shiny things and this gift, in particular, caught my eye. Give your reader a personalized book locket necklace, to keep you close to their heart.

I love dual purpose presents. That’s why I adore this gift. Every time your reader looks at their bookshelf, they’ll be reminded of your love , with these romance in the rain bookends. Both practical and sweet!

Light up their heart with the story of your love- in nightlight form!

For Writers:

For writers, I tend to lean more practical with my gift-giving suggestions. Maybe because I’m at a desk all day and I know the wear it can place on our bodies. So, if you want to take care of your writer, here are some cute and practical options. But remember, writers are readers too, so you can’t go wrong with one of the suggestions above either!

This versatile laptop desk will help your writer cozy up in bed for their next writing sprint if they need a break from their main workstation.

If your sweetie works in front of a computer all day or loves to read on a tablet, help them ease eyestrain while looking stylish with a pair of blue light glasses.

Time flies when your brain is stuck in another world. Your writer will love this colorful timer that reminds them to stretch it out in between chapters. Want a sleek, modern timer that can live on an end table? This Danish timer is just perfect for epic writing sessions. These work great for pomodoro lovers too!

How about staying fit? Because a healthy body means a healthy mind. I’ve loved my Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch. It lets me see at a glance if I need to get more steps in and keeps me motivated to get up and move in between chapters— both written and read!

Keep your sweetie’s writing space comfy and cute with this Pink & Gold Marbled Wrist Pad. No carpal tunnel here!

Want to keep your writer’s circulation healthy during their epic writing sessions? Get them this cozy foot sling for their desk! If their desk isn’t quite sturdy enough, an adjustable footrest like this can do the trick as well.

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