Taken For Granted


It’s easy to take love for granted in a small town…

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Ellie Winters can conquer any challenge- except finding happily ever after.
When she teams up with Midnight Bluff’s dreamy but gruff urban developer for her biggest job yet, she finds that more than the town needs a renovation.
Maybe it’s time to let go of her past to see who her future holds. After all, even big-city boys can fall for small towns.
Grant Emberson just wants to fix this town so he can get on to the next. 
Too bad he needs the help of a cute-as-a-button realtor to win back the locals—and save his job. But the more time they spend together, the more he sees future they could have.
Except with his career on the line, he can’t afford to get tied down. So, why does he keep finding reasons to stay?
Taken For Granted is a sweet, standalone romance in the Midnight Bluff series with a pinch of laughter and a heaping helping of small-town Southern sass .