How To Finish Long & Difficult Books

A young, black boy lays on a log in front of lake, reading a book. The caption reads: How to finish long and difficult books.

As avid readers, all of us have aspirational books. Maybe you want to finally dust off that copy of George Eliot’s Middlemarch or tackle Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives. Whatever it is that you have your sites set on, it can seem out of reach if your life is busy or you feel like you’re a […]

How To Read More

So You Can Finally Make That TBR Pile Vanish A wealth of studies have proven that reading improves our vocabularies, reduces stress, increases our empathy, and maintains our cognitive function as we age. If reading is so good, why aren’t we doing more of it? I admit that despite all the books I’ve devoured, that […]

Are You A Forgetful Reader? Read Anyway!

Reading is about the experience of reading, like listening to music, seeing a painting, or going on vacation- James Wallace Harris at Book Riot James Wallace Harris, Book Riot I have to admit something that is terribly embarrassing for a writer. I have the worst memory for books. Usually, I can remember that I have […]

How To Downsize A Book Collection Without Feeling Guilty

Maybe you’re at the state where your sofa is made out of books. Maybe your partner would like to stop tripping on drifts of novels hidden in dark corners. Perhaps you’re downsizing your living space. Or maybe you’d just like to free up some space on your shelves. Whatever your reason, at some point in […]