Dictation for Writers & You

Do you want to be able to dictate notes on the go? I’ve found that writers find some of the best solutions, and dictation apps and tools are no exception! In several of my writing groups, dictating on-the-go has been bounced around and I wanted to share the top recommendations with you. So whether you […]

To Begin, Begin: And Other Words of Advice I’ve Followed This Year

I am a “productive procrastinator” in a major way. I like to do my research and know all the best strategies and outcomes and have several back-up options before I begin a major project. I want things to turn out perfectly. As you can imagine, this often leads to a never-ending loop of research and […]

8 Things I Do To Make Myself Happier

“Act the way you want to feel.” I touched on this in an earlier Instagram post, but my emotions have an outsized effect on my relationships and productivity. One of the biggest things I’ve caught myself saying a lot is “I just don’t feel like…” The sentence that follows can be anything from the benign: […]