National Poetry Writing Month

#NaPoWriMo Everyone who has participated in NaNoWriMo can guess what this acronym means. National Poetry Writing Month sits on the cusp of Spring, just as the year begins to truly warm up and trees put out new growth. For the poetry lover, this is the perfect time to not only break into those books of […]

Poetry Tip: Boosting Imagery & Emotion

Waves surge across sand. The caption reads: Poetry tip- boosting imagery & emotion.

Want to take your poetry to the next level? Maybe you like the idea of poetry and you even have some ideas you’d like to experiment with, but you just don’t know where to start. Whatever your skill level as an amateur poet, I wanted to share my top tips and tricks with you in […]

Midsummer Sonnet – An Instagram Poetry Challenge

The number of “poor sonnets” I’ve written is… not going to be numbered here. Mainly because I don’t know. Also because I like sonnets and I’m a little ashamed that I murder them so regularly. This Shakespearean sonnet on the other hand, I kinda like. One of my favorite InstaPoets @thedancingink put out a recent […]

Together – An Instagram Poetry Challenge

Recently, I’ve gone from being a bit of a skeptic about Instagram poetry to absolutely loving it! As I’ve begun finding “my people” instead of just following the big InstaPoets, the community has really begun making more sense to me and I’m so glad I stopped being so snobby (I’ll admit it!) and dived into […]