Behind The Book: Songs That Inspired Piece Of Cake

When I’m writing, some books sweep me away right from the beginning. Other books give me just a peek at what they might be before they ask to be put on the back burner to simmer. When I find a book like this, one of the most powerful sources of inspiration I have is music! […]

Behind The Book: Songs That Inspired Taken For Granted

Getting into my characters’ mindsets helps so much when I’m writing. Who wants to read a story where the MCs make whacky decisions? One of my most powerful (and beautiful) tools to help me get in the mind frame of my characters are my Spotify playlists! Certain songs and melodies take me right to the […]

Behind The Book: Songs That Inspired Nuts About You

Having the right atmosphere is a tremendous help when I’m writing. One of the most powerful inspirations I have is music! Certain songs and melodies take me right to the perfect place or emotion. Every book I’ve written has a soundtrack. So I hope you enjoy the songs that inspired Nuts About You: Midnight Bluff […]

National Poetry Writing Month

#NaPoWriMo Everyone who has participated in NaNoWriMo can guess what this acronym means. National Poetry Writing Month sits on the cusp of Spring, just as the year begins to truly warm up and trees put out new growth. For the poetry lover, this is the perfect time to not only break into those books of […]

Are You A Forgetful Reader? Read Anyway!

Reading is about the experience of reading, like listening to music, seeing a painting, or going on vacation- James Wallace Harris at Book Riot James Wallace Harris, Book Riot I have to admit something that is terribly embarrassing for a writer. I have the worst memory for books. Usually, I can remember that I have […]