A Unique Gift for
Someone Special.

Poetry Commissions

Looking for a gift unlike any other?

I would be delighted to create a one-of-a-kind poem to help you celebrate a loved one, mark a special occasion, or express your love in an unforgettable way.

Who are poems for? Poems make great presents for significant others, close friends, parents or important family members, mentors, or someone who has played a significant role in your life to whom you would like to give a meaningful gift.

You can rest assured that your thoughtful gift will be treasured forever. 

How it works:

1) Fill out the form below and indicate two times you are available for a 10-15 minute call.

2) We talk and you gush over your loved one- I want to know what makes them sparkle for you! What are some of your favorite things to do together? A favorite memory together? How you met! A funny quirk they have that you adore or something you admire about them. What about an inside joke or “your song”? The more details you can give me, the more intimate of a poem I can create for you!

3) I write a poem for you! With every poem, you will receive a Word .doc and a decorative .pdf via email so you can enjoy the quickest turn around time and your choice of printing. You may expect your poem in 3-4 business days.

*Please note that poems will usually be 10-15 lines of free verse unless a specific form is requested. For special requests, pricing may be different. The cut off for orders is three days before any major holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter.

Say Hello!

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