High Horse


They’ve gotten roped into more than they bargained for…

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Vada Wilson has eyes only for her horses.
She doesn’t need a man to tell her how to run her business or her life— not even one as swoon-worthy as Son Riser.
But when the ridiculously handsome preacher asks her to save the youth group’s summer camp, she sees a good business opportunity for her struggling equestrian school.
And if she gets the town’s straitlaced preacher to loosen up a bit along the way, she’ll call that a bargain.
Son Riser has trained to be a minister all his life.
Now, his gig as sleepy Midnight Bluff’s pastor is just about perfect. Except for one thing: he doesn’t have a family to share it with.
After an embarrassing encounter with the gorgeous Vada Wilson, he can’t help but take another look. And when she steps in to help with the church’s youth without hesitation, he finds himself opening up to her in unexpected ways.
But with the youth group playing Parent Trap…
They’ve gotten roped into more than they bargained for.
High Horse is a sweet, standalone romance with a dash of laughs and a heaping helping of small-town Southern sass.