My Summer 2021 Reading List

I’m getting stocked up for some serious summer reading! If you want to join me, check out the books that are in my #TBRpile and on my e-Reader this summer in the list below. See anything that you’ve been craving to read? In My Stack: Namesake by Adrienne Young I have to admit, I’ve been […]

Dictation for Writers & You

Do you want to be able to dictate notes on the go? I’ve found that writers find some of the best solutions, and dictation apps and tools are no exception! In several of my writing groups, dictating on-the-go has been bounced around and I wanted to share the top recommendations with you. So whether you […]

Connecting Over Board Games

A non-writerly fact about me? I love board games! But as my husband will tell you I have an *ahem* competitive streak. Which is fun for me, and not so fun for more laid-back players. ‘Tis a problem. Recently, I’ve made it a goal to find games that are more about enjoying the experience together […]

What is Southern Fiction? And What the Heck is Southern Gothic?

Southern Fiction The South has produced slews of stories and storytellers. And while just about anyone can identify a “Southern Fiction” novel when they start reading it, the genre is at once hard and simple to define. The Book Genre Dictionary defines Southern Fiction as stories that are “set in the Southern United States, or […]

Midsummer Sonnet – An Instagram Poetry Challenge

The number of “poor sonnets” I’ve written is… not going to be numbered here. Mainly because I don’t know. Also because I like sonnets and I’m a little ashamed that I murder them so regularly. This Shakespearean sonnet on the other hand, I kinda like. One of my favorite InstaPoets @thedancingink put out a recent […]