Ten More Sweet Summer Reads

From beachside sunshine to Christmas in July, these wholesome reads are sure to sweeten up your summer! My Book Boyfriend by Kathy Strobos Fiesty heroine. Community garden. Found family. Book club shenanigans. The First Summer by Christina Edgar Olds Divorcee. Beachside summer. Rediscovering happiness. Beyond Betrayal by Bette Lee Crosby Widow. Friendship. Tough love. Peril […]

Ten New & Upcoming Summer Releases

Pool, beach, or mountainside these sweet, new releases are sure to perk up your summer reading. The Billionaire’s Backup by Elizabeth Maddry Best Friends. Marriage Pact. Home Renovation. Swipe To Love by Angelique Bossman Sweet and Clean. Office Romance. Laughter Guaranteed. Online Dating. When You Fake Date a Stranger by Lia Huni Cinnamon Roll CEO. […]

Starting A Reading Routine

A couple of times a year, I try to reset my reading routine. It’s like a deep clean for my daily habits. I love reading, but it’s so easy to find other things to do (and shows to binge.)  But there are a few helpful tips that I use to get things going. Whether you’ve […]

How To Request Books From Your Library

Did you know that it is easy to request your favorite books and authors at your local library? This is great news for bookworms everywhere. Librarians curate their collections and services according to their community’s needs. Have you ever wondered why some libraries have huge romance collections while others have tons of sci-fi or even genealogical […]

How To Build A Reading Habit

“New Year, new me!” Ahhhh…. come January I will set some lofty goal for myself to accomplish. Maybe I want to be able to run a mile. Maybe I just want to brush my teeth consistently. Whatever goal I choose, I always imagine doing it perfectly, and thus creating a shiny new version of myself. […]