Branded Email for Writers

A silver laptop sits on a white desktop with a vase of daisies next to it. The caption reads: Branded email for writers.

A well-branded email is essential for writers. As the queen of unsubscribing, I am a study in the art of thinning out my inbox. And let me tell you: If I don’t recognize an email within thirty seconds, I’m not sticking around to sleuth it out. I have too many other value-packed newsletters to read. […]

3 Goals ALL Writers Should Have For The New Year

I like making big claims, especially when I think I can back them up. Call it hubris. But I’m going to make a BIG claim that I think there are three goals ALL writers should adopt in the New Year. Let’s admit it. 2020 has been a trash year. So with vaccines a’coming, let’s aim […]

The Truth About Love (Or at Least Social Media)

Sometimes, social media leaves us feeling like a jilted girlfriend whose boyfriend just ditched her to play Halo 3. Having come into the relationship with assumptions about How Things Will Be, you are left with a glowing screen in hand on which you poured out your heart and now no response, radio silence, dead air.

The Reasons I Blog

Blogging’s a great way to grow visibility. For my business, for a client’s business, for social issues. For businesses, it creates community that can bring them the attention they need to succeed. For individuals, community and connection are still at the heart of why we blog.