How To Downsize A Book Collection Without Feeling Guilty

Maybe you’re at the state where your sofa is made out of books. Maybe your partner would like to stop tripping on drifts of novels hidden in dark corners. Perhaps you’re downsizing your living space. Or maybe you’d just like to free up some space on your shelves. Whatever your reason, at some point in […]

Words I Watch For

Growing up, I was taught to be kind to people and respect them. While the world at large seems to be locked in a “two steps forward, one step backwards” mentality when it comes to equality, I’d like to be part of the movement that takes the South forward into a new era. One that […]

How I Come Up With Character Names

Unusual Names From Real People Ok, I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but this is how I find character names…⁠ I read the obituaries.⁠ Yep, you read that right. The obituaries. Now, stick with me. It’s not because I’m being morbid, but if I need to come up with an interesting name for my character […]

The Perfect Cup of Tea

There is something about sitting down to write or crack open a good book with the perfect cup of tea at my elbow that is impossible to beat. Put a little Nina Simone on the radio and you’re not going to be able to budge me for hours. But finding that perfect cup of tea […]

The Gravedigger’s Guild Cover Reveal

Two sisters have one last chance to lay the past to rest. I’ve been so excited to share this cover with you- my husband Pete took a lot of care with getting it just the way I wanted it. And I think it looks fantastic! I wanted the peonies to feature prominently as well as […]