3 Hacks I’m Using To Save Time & Frustration

“Slow Down To Speed Up”

-My Dad

I heard this phrase a lot growing up. Mostly because my klutziness combined with my haste equalled lots of messes.

Once I got into the world of marketing, I realized just how valuable this advice could be. An ounce or two of planning could make a project go a whole lot smoother- or completely save it.

Now that I’m writing full-time and building up my author business, I am seeing how this advice is even more crucial, both in my writing process and in my personal life.

So here are three “hacks” that I am implementing right now that will save me time and frustration in the future:


I’ve been a happy Plantser so far, but upping my brainstorming and outlining game will save me a bunch of writing blocks and revisions.

Content Schedule:

This is from my hardcore marketing days. Spending several days or even a week or two really hammering out a content schedule and selecting the tools I’m going to use will keep me from floundering for ideas and how to execute them later.

Start My Day Well:

I take time to start my day with a good breakfast, some quiet reading, and a bit of stretching (if I remember it). Since I can’t work well in clutter, I also take the time to knock out a household task or two and to clear my desk, so I can sit down focused for the day.

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