The Gravedigger's Guild cover - designed by Pete Farris


The Gravedigger's Guild

Alice Matins is dead. With the passing of this Mississippi matriarch, estranged sisters Maggy and Quinn collide over the course of Alice’s wake and funeral amidst a motley band of gossiping church ladies and feuding gravediggers.

As storm clouds gather, the two women unbury secrets from their past involving Quinn’s husband that could resurrect their once-strong sisterly bond. But he has secrets of his own.

About the Author.

Susan Farris (@susanfarris34) is a novelist and a poet. She has two works premiering soon: a novel called The Gravedigger’s Guild and a poetry collection called Flooding the Delta.

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Progress Report.

Gravedigger's Guild Revisions
Draft 4 - Proofs & Formatting 99%
Flooding the Delta
Draft 1 75%
WIP: Pecan Picking Season
Web Designer 20%
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