I wrangle words for a living. I am a writer in love with social media, specializing in digital content and strategy. I believe the perfect words can be found for any project and that details matter. Want to get to know me better? Check out my blog. In my freetime, I can be found reading, tweeting, and imbibing an embarrassing amount of Doctor Who.


A record of my thoughts on industry happenings, creative insights, things I love, and what it means to be a writer.

The Missing Link in Social Media: Talking with Real People

by Susan Farris   June 17th, 2015   0

A post in which I ponder the lack of depth in today's social media engagement strategies.

The Truth About Love (Or at Least Social Media)

by Susan Farris   June 17th, 2015   0

Sometimes, social media leaves us feeling like a jilted girlfriend whose boyfriend just ditched her to play Halo 3. Having come into the relationship with assumptions about How Things Will Be, you are left with a glowing screen in hand on which you poured out your heart and now no response, radio silence, dead air.

Conversation Starters for the Uninitiated

by Susan Farris   June 17th, 2015   0

A lot of buzz in social media today is around generating conversations, but what the heck does “conversation” even mean?

The Reasons I Blog

by Susan Farris   June 17th, 2015   0

Blogging’s a great way to grow visibility. For my business, for a client’s business, for social issues. For businesses, it creates community that can bring them the attention they need to succeed. For individuals, community and connection are still at the heart of why we blog.

About Me

I am a Mississippi born and raised writer. I currently guide EdgeTheory's creative team while staying in touch with the blindingly fast-paced world of social media marketing.

I love discovering the unique voices in any story, whether that story is your brand's or the latest New York Times best seller. I think Tweets are an art form and conversation a lifestyle.

A graduate of Mississippi College and a member of the Mississippi Writers Guild, I am a writer and editor specializing in digital content and personal branding. My background includes magazine editing, web writing, gymnastics, combat training, and playing the piano badly.

When I am not wrangling the yahoos known as EdgeTheory's Creative Specialists, I can be found snuggled up at home with two cats and a hedgehog, reading, writing, and binging on Once Upon A Time and Sherlock.

I believe that writing is both an art and a science. The right words can build brands, generate leads, and convert prospects into loyal customers. I have written for industries all over the U.S., from finance to fashion, and I can create compelling copy for any campaign or platform, business or personal. If any of this sounds appealing, please contact me today.

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